As a customer, it’s always nice ...


… to get an overview of the work process behind an EventPlanners event. We have made our work process transparent
by preparing the template below, consisting of six steps, from the first contact to the end of the event. Under the
individual sections, the customer gets an idea of the practical process and an understanding of the different
phases of the planning of the company’s event. The sequence may vary for the individual customer,
depending on the type and size of the task, but will typically contain the six steps below.

1. Contact & dialogue


Our work begins with a non-binding dialogue with you as our potential customer. Here, wishes, needs and budget meet advice and suggestions. We get an overview of the task and put the most important details in place.

2. Development of idea & offer


After our initial dialogue, we continue working on the event and prepare an offer. The offer is made in a presentation where we explain our offer and ideas, based on our previous conversation.

3. Show & tasting


Regardless of the size of the task, one or more locations will be displayed. There is a meeting of minds concerning location, level and staff. Internally, opportunities are discussed, and at larger events, tasting of food and wine is part of the process.

4. Accept & Planning


If the presentation suits you, we proceed to the planning of the event. With the company's input, we dive into the process and the logistics. The process and progress are continuously discussed with the party committee or the contact person for the company.

5. Execution & coordination


With a carefully organised playbook, we will execute the event. The playbook is approved before the event commences, so that all parties agree on its execution. Throughout the preparation and the event itself, you will be continuously informed of the progress, so that you have a finger on the pulse if you so desire.

6. Evaluation & feedback


After the event, it is time for evaluation. Together, we review the event to ensure that you, as customers, are satisfied with the execution and the outcome. It is a dialogue where we look at the overall execution, receive feedback, and ensure a proper ending to the event. Typically, this leads to permanent cooperation.


At EventPlanners, our value base is the prerequisite for creating a good team and an attractive sparring partner. Values are vital, and they set the course for how we act and make decisions. All aspects of our work – from the choice of partners
and suppliers to the EventPlanners team – reflect our company values. Most importantly, the values
help us meet our customers’ expectations for their events and us.


Our efforts contribute to the outcome. Therefore, it is imperative for EventPlanners to make an effort, regardless of the starting point. Can it be done better, smarter, faster? All parameters affect a good end result. When EventPlanners constantly make an effort throughout the process and execution, this will create an end result that leaves an eminent impression with the customer. Or even better, with the company's guests.


When guests arrive at your event, they will naturally experience different feelings. We attach great importance to ensuring that the feelings are the right ones. The guests must feel an eager and enthusiastic staff. They must feel that you, as a company, appreciate their participation and appreciate them. During the event, the impressions must remain positive, and the guests should be left with an amazing experience from start to finish.


The purpose of an event, no matter what it is, is to make an impact. The common denominator is the intention to do something positive for the participants and create enthusiasm. For the company, this effort is repaid with the creation of value; a value consisting of happy and valued employees, customers or partners. That's why we focus on the impact of your event and the value the event creates for your company.


EventPlanners consists of a solid mix of professionals with experience in and knowledge of the industry. The experience is from all branches of the service industry, resulting in a seasoned team with knowledge of and networks in every corner of the industry. The team comprises a group of permanent employees who are responsible for the operation of the event agency. Depending on the task, the team is expanded to the number of employees required for a successful event.