Everything practical

Like any other event, preparations and logistics are an essential part of a reception. EventPlanners prepares the type of reception the company desires and creates an event in line with the company’s decisions. Working closely with the customer, we review and plan the event down to the tiniest details, and we develop a playbook, so there is a meticulous plan for the whole event.

Time for the guests

Whether it is a larger or smaller reception, one element is crucial: the guests. Regardless of the reason for the reception, to be able to enjoy the day with the guests without any worries is key throughout the reception. Time to catch up with old acquaintances, friends or family, and being able to mingle with the invited guests sends a signal that they are important and that the company appreciates their participation.

Venue of the day

Depending on the company’s wishes, the venue can be anything from the company’s own rooms, a restaurant, a hotel or maybe something completely different. Once the budget for the event is determined, EventPlanners reviews the options, and when choosing a location, we will ensure the optimal setting with all the elements the company desires – from large to small.


All requests – large and small – are welcome at EventPlanners. All inquiries are confiden-tial and are non-binding. This also applies to our offer, regardless of the type of event. EventPlanners endeavours to answer all queries within 24 hours.


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