It's about the overview

VIP Assist is extremely popular with companies with foreign guests, important business associates or as assistance to customer visits. Working with the company, we plan the meeting with your guests and the considerations associated with this. The company’s resources that would otherwise be assigned to the process of the event are freed up, and the focus can remain on the guest and the business.

What is the difference?

Us. Our network consists of decades of businesses and relationships, ensuring the right contacts and access to the best results in all areas of the service industry and at all levels. Also, we are discreet during the execution, ensuring constant satisfaction with the process. As a company, this means one point of contact for all elements, one invoice and one access to the city’s best, all 24 hours of the day during the entire event.

Our role

EventPlanners’ role varies according to the company’s request for assistance. The tasks range from a regular customer dinner to a 5-day program from morning to evening for distinguished visitors from abroad. We handle all practical and logistic matters, ensuring that everyone is in good hands, and we handle everything down to the tiniest detail. Your role will be to keep the guest company, without regard to anything else.


All requests – large and small – are welcome at EventPlanners. All inquiries are confiden-tial and are non-binding. This also applies to our offer, regardless of the type of event. EventPlanners endeavours to answer all queries within 24 hours.


Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Phone (+45) 51 95 80 00

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