A significant milestone, an important event

An event such as an anniversary is an excellent experience for all companies, regardless of size. Whether it’s an anniversary celebrating 100 years of existence or just 10, this type of corporate event is always a special one. EventPlanners will find the right setting and elements that perfectly fit the company’s wishes for the day.

How will it be celebrated?

Typically, an average corporate party has all the same elements. An anniversary is something completely different. The company must decide how it wishes to be celebrated and who to invite. Will it be existing customers, an open house for everyone or are all the employees invited to a party? The common denominator is recognition, especially of the staff, all of whom are a part of this festive event.

Leaving the anniversary in experienced hands

An anniversary must be remembered as an awesome experience, where everything just comes together. At EventPlanners, we deliver on our commitment to achieving this goal. With our experienced hands, we quickly spot the areas that require further attention, and we ensure that the event is executed as planned. Absolutely nothing is left to chance, resulting in a complete experience for all participants.


All requests – large and small – are welcome at EventPlanners. All inquiries are confiden-tial and are non-binding. This also applies to our offer, regardless of the type of event. EventPlanners endeavours to answer all queries within 24 hours.


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