An experience for life

The experience that a company chooses to give its employees as a business trip is highly commendable. Regardless of the destination, it is memorable for life and an experience for the individual employee. A unique way to strengthen the community and a clear signal about the company’s appreciation of the cooperation and the work of the employees.

It's all about the overview

An experienced travel partner is a pleasure to work with for any company. The destination of a business trip can be many different places, but whatever the destination the overview is an essential factor. Time is spent together, without worrying about the many elements that must be in place before and during the trip. In close cooperation with you, the trip is planned to the tiniest detail, and we are part of it from start to finish.

Business or pleasure?

The starting point for a business trip is the first thing the company must decide. Should the trip be combined with professional content and relevance to your work or should the trip be purely an indulging experience for the employees? Depending on the company’s thoughts, we combine the possibilities and create the right program. Regardless of content, our goal for the trip is to ensure an enjoyable or professional experience for all.


All requests – large and small – are welcome at EventPlanners. All inquiries are confiden-tial and are non-binding. This also applies to our offer, regardless of the type of event. EventPlanners endeavours to answer all queries within 24 hours.


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